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5 Ways to Earn Money by Advertising on Your Blog


You may have heard a lot about advertise on TV commercials or read about it in newspapers. This is an advertising method that is used by many companies to advertise their products and services. Carverts are usually short and usually portray some sort of benefit for taking out the advertisements. For example, you could be driving along and a very attractive woman appears to be having a drink. When you pass her, she will hand you a leaflet that has the latest sale details. If you take it home, you can make some money from it.


How about if you can build your own app and then use this app to drive traffic to your site? You could earn money by driving relevant traffic to your website. This could be people searching for a dog trainer in your local area or looking to buy a cheap priced watch. You could even put the adverts on car signs or billboard ads to get as much attention as possible.


Another way of earning money by advertising is by using simple email ad campaigns. It might not sound exciting, but it is actually quite easy to make money from email advertising. Basically, you send an email to your friends asking them to opt-in to your list. Once they have done so, you then offer something of value up front to make sure they are interested in joining your list.


Some people are making money from advertising using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means you promote someone else’s product and in return, you earn a commission on any sales that are made. There are plenty of different affiliate marketing programs available but some of the most popular include ClickBank and Commission Junction.


If you enjoy writing blogs, then you can also earn money by displaying ads on your blog. Google is one of the largest search engines and so it is easy to see why Google’s AdSense is so popular. All you need to do is create a free blog account and then create some content about whatever niche you choose. You then decide where you would like to display the ads. Many people choose to display ads on their blog sidebars, but you can also choose a central location for all of your ads or display them wherever you choose.


One of the easiest ways to advertise is by using YouTube. All you need to do is upload some videos related to your niche and then put a link leading to your site in the video description. It does take a little bit of time to set up an account with YouTube and create videos, but it can be worth the effort if you want to receive the best results. The reason YouTube is such a good choice to promote your site is because it is such a general audience for videos. Because of this, there are plenty of different types of ads you can use to get the best results.


Another way to earn money by blogging that a lot of people don’t think of is through pay per click advertising. This is where you choose keywords that will describe your niche and bid on them with search engines. Every time someone searches for that keyword, you will be charged a small fee. Obviously, this isn’t as effective as a blog monetization site, but it is still worth looking into. In fact, many of the major search engines offer advertising programs through their site, allowing you to promote your site and be billed each time someone clicks on an ad that matches your terms.


If you want to improve the effectiveness of your AdSense ad campaigns, you may want to consider using a wrap campaign. A wrap campaign is simply a different type of ad campaign that you run against your current campaigns. Instead of having your ads displayed on your sidebar or at the bottom of every page, you place them in between articles you have written. If you have a well-written article, you can usually find someone willing to do the writing, as many people like to read articles rather than having to read them themselves. With a wrap campaign, you can direct the reader to the affiliate ads and direct them away from your other advertising links, which will greatly improve your click through rate.

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