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The student visa that allows you to work in the US

Student workdays cannot exceed 20 hours a week while the school year is in progress.


The United States has a visa that allows the entry and stays of international students and authorizes them to work in activities that will enable them to receive money. 

The nonimmigrant visa category F-1 is given to students who will study the university, secondary, primary, seminar, or who will enter an academic institution to learn languages.

The Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) clarifies that “there are limited job opportunities for students with an F-1 visa. For any gainful activity that students wish to engage in, they must speak with a designated school official (DSO) up to 30 days before the start of school. 

For example, students can work a few hours within the same campus where they study, such as the library or a cafeteria. 

To work off-campus, it is necessary for the student to have completed one academic year and to have a valid financial hardship. In this case, approval from the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is also required, through form I-765.

However, students’ days of work with an F-1 visa can not exceed 20 hours a week while the school year is underway. 

All people who receive money for their work activities must file their annual tax returns in the American Union

Working without permission from a designated school official warrants an immediate departure from the alien and will be challenging to allow re-entry into the United States in the future. 

How much does the student visa cost?

which is equivalent to approximately 3,428 Mexican pesos. Some additional fees may also apply. 

According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service ( ICE ), the process must be started online by filling out DS-160 on the website Applicants aged 14 to 79 must appear for an interview with a consular officer. 

Students who will obtain the F-1 visa for the first time may receive it up to 120 days before the start of the school year. However, students will not be able to enter the United States 30 days prior to the start of their classes.

Official pages where you must process the United States visa

Do you want to process your visa to travel to the United States? Avoid falling into fraud and process it yourself on the United States Embassy’s official pages in Mexico. 

Next, we describe the steps of the process and the web page to enter to do each one.  

Fill out the DS-160 application at DS-160 application is the first step to process the American tourist visa B1 / B2. It is also the most important because it contains the information on which the consular officer will rely to decide whether to grant or deny the visa. 

The United States Embassy in Mexico highlights that the form is free to access. It is filled out at the page, and a barcode is obtained to identify and follow up on the application. 

Take into account that the application is in English, and you must activate the Spanish translation at the beginning. You must have a valid passport before filling it out.

Create a profile at you have completed the DS-160 application; you can use the generated folio to create an account Follow the flow until you get the instructions to make the payment. 

When the system has detected the payment, you can schedule your appointments at the CAS and the  embassy or consulate on this same website. 

You will first have to go to the CAS on the specified date. When you arrive, a person will ask for your passport, and you will have to train to have a digital photo taken. They will ask you to put your fingerprints on a scanner. That’s all; they will return your documents and give instructions for your interview appointment at the embassy or consulate. 

  1. Check your interview appointment at

Once you have gone to the CAS, go back to the page to remember the appointment date for an interview at the embassy or consulate. 

  1. Check the embassy rules at

Go to the page to check the objects with which you cannot enter the embassy on the day of your appointment. From the outset, it is forbidden to carry a cell phone. 

For the process, you will only need to present the printed confirmation of the DS-160 form and your valid Mexican passport. However, it is recommended that you also publish your appointment confirmation with instructions and proof of payment receipt. 

  1. Follow up on your visa at

After the visa has been approved, it is the applicants’ responsibility to verify the status of the document on the site.

There is no exact delivery date since the printing time varies according to each applicant. Although, on average, it is 3 to 4 weeks after the interview with the consular officer. 

When the Consular Section has the document ready and delivers it to the DHL courier service,


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