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Canada eases study and work permits for foreign students

Authorities modified the requirements for international students due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.


The government of Canada informed that it would make the requirements for international students to obtain a study permit for an institution in the territory more flexible and for graduates to apply for a work permit

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) authorities modified international students’ requirements due to the difficulties that the coronavirus pandemic has caused around the world. 

The students who are already in Canada but keep their classes online by closing schools will be allowed to continue working if they already had authorization, even if they will suspend their studies.

Students from other countries will have until August 31 to work more than 20 hours a week off-campus while the semester begins. Still, they must be working in an activity considered essential during the pandemic. 

For study permits in Canada, these are the changes that IRCC implemented: 

The students who submitted their completed application will be the first to enter the country when borders are opened. 

Those who were unable to provide their biometric data or the results of medical examinations due to the suspension of activities in the offices will obtain an initial evaluation and have a preliminary authorization. 

However, approval will be required in both stages to enter the country with a study permit

Changes in work permits after graduation: 

Canada Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship changed the eligibility requirements to complete an undergraduate or graduate course until April 30, 2020, and still be eligible for a work permit upon graduation. 

The only requirement will be to study 50 percent of the program in Canadian territory. 

In the case of foreigners who began a program lasting between eight and 12 months between May and September 2020, they will be able to request the permit even if they complete the entire course outside the country.


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