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Scholarship for foreign students launched at the University of Arkansas

In the United States, a university in Arkansas launched a $ 4,500 for international students to pursue a degree


Financial support from Arkansas Tech University is offered for up to eight semesters or for as long as it takes the student to complete the degree, whichever comes first. 

The public institution, located in Arkansas City, excels in marketing, business, education, engineering, and health-related professions. 

The 2020-21 tuition cost at Arkansas Tech University is $ 2,784 ( $ 59,185 MXN) for state residents and $ 5,568 ( $ 120,283) for 12 credits. The cost may vary as the number of credits is reduced or increased. 

Also, the university charges fees for facilities, technological operations, security, health, library use, and accommodation on campus, among others.

The international students seeking to obtain the scholarship of excellence of 4,000 500 US dollars (95.665 MXN) should submit their application before March 31 for the fall semester or before September 30 for the spring semester 

Requirements for the scholarship at Arkansas Tech University 


– Be a senior in a high school outside the United States

– Have a cumulative 3.25 GPA. 

– Apply to reside on the Russellville campus. 

– Present the academic record and two letters of recommendation in English. 

University in Texas launches graduate scholarships for foreigners.

The University of Texas at Tyler launched a scholarship to support international students who enroll to start graduate school

According to the private institution, the financial aid offered is $ 1,000, but increases by an additional $ 500 when renewed each spring and summer semester. 

The campus in Tyler, about an hour and a half drive from Dallas. According to US News, it has an acceptance rate of 78% with a workforce of more than 7,000 students. The institution excels in postgraduate courses related to education, psychology, business, arts, engineering, and medical sciences.

The 2020-21 tuition cost for the University of Texas at Tyler is 8,496 dollars, equivalent to about 185,345 Mexican pesos per year. With accommodation, food, books, transportation, and other fees, international students’ cost is 30,418 dollars (663,588 MXN). 

Also, by obtaining financial support to study postgraduate, beneficiaries can apply to receive a tuition reduction to the same amount paid by residents of Texas, which is 900 dollars, that is, 19 thousand 694 Mexican pesos, for the first year of studies.

To apply for the scholarshipinternational students have a deadline of 

Requirements for the University of Texas Tyler Scholarship 

  • Be accepted into a graduate program.
  • Sign up for a full-time program. 
  • Show a GPA score greater than 3.25 in the previous grade. 

The international students interested in studying a postgraduate at the University of Texas at Tyler with a scholarship must register on the site

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