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7 tips to enjoy Black Friday and increase your sales

If, in recent years, Black Friday has become one of the most anticipated dates for retailers, with sales volume less than Christmas – R $ 3.2 billion in the four days of the campaign last year – this time, the expectation is still more significant. Is because we are going through an …

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5 management courses for the small entrepreneur

Business opportunities; Market research and analysis; Knowing competitors and suppliers; Developing the characteristics of products and services; Financial analysis of the company; The business plan is a process. How to run a small business This free course, also offered by Sebrae, will help understand the basic concepts of the customer, supplier, competitors, …

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Shortage of laptops creates digital divide in the US

Rising world demand for low-cost laptops has led to delays in shipments and pitted desperate schools against each other; regions with more resources usually win.   When schools in Guilford County, North Carolina, spent more than $ 27 million to buy 66,000 student computers and tablets over the summer, the …

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